Larry Hill Taylor, legendary blues singer and drummer, is the oldest son of the master guitarist Eddie “Playboy” Taylor—VeeJay recording artist, Jimmy Reed's music partner, who powered Chicago blues with the boogie and "lump." 

Larry Lean Lookup MUG  Today Larry’s a legend in his own right, and a leader of the current Chicago Blues           generation. 

  He faithfully carries his Mississippi-born father’s talent and his mother Vera Taylor's   singing  traditions. He puts the soul spirit into any occasion with the favorite songs from his West Side Chicago neighborhood--from Howlin' Wolf to James Brown. His rhythm brings people together.


  LARRY SINGS "Don't Answer the Door" video 

  LARRY HOWLS :  video

   VIDEO: Larry Taylor Speaks on What is the Blues

  VIDEO: Larry Taylor Speaks on where his rhythms started:DRUMS  
  VIDEO: Larry Taylor Speaks on the MOVIE about his life.  More info :

  LARRY SINGS "Shade Tree Mechanic" video


 2017 CHICAGO BLUES FEST VIDEO with brother Eddie Taylor Jr:  "Killing Floor"


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